COVID-19 Protocols

WCT Fairfield maintains a high level of Covid Protocols to keep Staff and it’s members as Covid Free as possible. We ask that families do their part as well to keep our dojang a fun, safe, healthy environment.

Our current protocols are as follows:

Staff Responsibilities

● WCT training areas, equipment, office and student cubbies cleaned and sanitized daily with hospital grade disinfectant and disinfected multiple times throughout scheduled classes

● All staff and students are required to wear a mask inside the studio, in the office, during tkd classes and during elite training sessions

● Masks provided if a member forgets their own mask, or if mask needs replacing

● All use hand sanitizer, after washing their hands and before entering the training dojang.

● All bring their own water bottles labeled with names as hallway water fountain is off limits for TKD students

● High level air purifier is on throughout the day and during classes.

● Windows are kept open during TKD classes and while staff is working.

● CDC & CT State Covid Guidelines monitored and posted in the studio

● All staff fully vaccinated and have received the Covid Booster

● All Junior Instructors are fully vaccinated

● Majority of our students and families are Covid vaccinated in accordance with CDC Protocols

● TKD Classes offered with a Limited # of students for On-Site Classes

● Students register for TKD Classes

● Training mats are marked with white tape to ensure appropriate distance among students during TKD Classes

● TKD class water break times are staggered and separated to limit student contact.

● Physical training space is divided into 3 separate areas - large dojang, small stretching area and small dojang.

● CDC and CT State Recommendations for Covid Protocols available for viewing in studio, and sent via e-mail communications on an as-needed basis

● Information posted about correct procedures for mask wearing, washing hands, social distancing, latest CT State updates.

● All new or potential members are asked to watch a short video of “What to Do before entering the WCT Studio.”

Parent/Student Responsibilities

● Self-assess child at home if your child is not feeling well

● Parents inform the Office Manager and keep their child home if they are not feeling
well, or if they have been exposed to Covid

● Students arrive only 5 minutes before your tkd class.

● Walk your child to the WCT outside windows, and wait with your child until greeted by the Master

● Parents remind their child(ren) to wash hands prior to entering the studio

● Parents are asked not to come into the studio without an appointment

● Parents view TKD classes from outside windows.

● Parents make an appointment to meet with the Office Manager

● Parents are asked to make sure your child understands how to socially distance

● Parents are asked to clearly label names on all water bottles, sparring equipment, and jackets

● Parents are asked to disinfect all sparring gear and equipment after each class and leave out to air dry.